Connect with nature

In Molla, we create pure unique fabrics in original designs, hand dyed with colours from plants. Our vision is to offer our customers a way to connect with nature.

We specialize in natural dyes and hand silk printed home linens, silk pillowcases and accessories. Our products are dyed with natural colours come from our local plants or produced in France, certified with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), leaving the smallest ecological footprint.

We use a made-to-order system in our production process to avoid any waste.

The dyeing process

The first step is to search for the raw materials: eucalyptus, acorns, onion skins, lemon leaves, pomegranate, olive leaves, plant roots…

Each one of them gets boiled, giving a different colour.

When we finally have our dye bath, we put the fabric into the hot dye.

After colouring, we silkscreen print each product by hand
or we use other techniques such as shibori, batik or hand painting
to give to the fabric a unique design.

This is a process allowing for experimentation. The colour and the silk are alive; the alkalinity of the water differs. Therefore, there is no specific recipe, which you can follow in order to get a certain shade. The plant may not give exactly the same shade of colour every time and there lies the uniqueness of each scarf. Also, their print is different because it is done by human hand.


Who is who

Molla was created by Daphne Kontaratou in 2011, after her many years of experience in design. Daphne grew up in a family where design, broadly speaking, played a leading role, and it is probably no coincidence that she decided to work in this area. After studying at the Vakalo School, she went to Milan where she continued her studies in graphic design. Upon her return, she worked with Scabal, one of the world’s leading high quality cloth makers, for handmade costumes and shirts. At the same time, the natural dyes for fabrics was a particular sector that she found attractive –thus she returned to Milan for additional studies, this time on silkscreen printing with natural dyes. After all, the source of inspiration was already there, since her father was working on natural dyes, as the owner of a loom workshop in a village outside Ioannina, where he was weaving rugs, dyeing them with natural dyes and washing them in the river.

Molla products are available from the e-shop www.molla.gr


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